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“Zone” cleaning power

Depending on your pool site and local conditions, an in-floor system with pop-up nozzles may be an effective way to automate routine cleaning.

This system is integrated into the pool’s concrete (gunite/shotcrete) during the construction process.

  • During programmed cleaning cycles, recessed nozzles rise from the pool & spa floor, steps, benches, and loveseats and go to work creating “cleaning zones.”
  • Each nozzle fires a water jet to force dirt and debris out of its path, directing them to the main drain and skimmer for removal.
  • Motion from the water jets enhances circulation, resulting in better heating, circulation, and dispersion of the chemicals throughout the pool.

Based on local conditions, your pool design, your backyard, and your project budget, your Blue Haven designer will advise you if an in-floor cleaning system is recommended.

 Affordable alternatives to in-floor systems

While in-floor systems do offer a range of benefits, they can substantially increase your pool budget—typically by at least several thousand dollars.

Another approach to supplementing cleaning and circulation is with Blue Haven’s exclusive SmartFlow JetSystem. It’s a more economical option that achieves many of the same benefits. Click here to learn more about the SmartFlow technology.