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Saltwater Pools—Automatic chlorination

Produce your own chlorine instead of buying the tablet, liquid, or powder form. Depending on the materials and accessories used in your pool, a salt chlorinator may be appropriate for water sanitation. The system: • Uses electrolytic conversion of salt; • Produces a pure, stable form of chlorine gas; and • Creates a “salt-water” pool (also known as a saline pool). This technology can help prevent some of the costs, hassles, and harsh results caused by traditional store-bought tablet and bottled chlorine. The SmartPure® Salt Chlorinator uses a special approach to chlorination that’s better than the chlorine you buy at the pool store. When you properly maintain your pool water, the system will achieve what traditional chlorine does—but without many of the nasty side effects. Through electrolytic conversion of natural salt, this salt system produces a stable, pure, efficient form of non-liquid chlorine. Since it’s delivered through your saltwater pool’s plumbing system, the chlorine gas provides consistent, uniform dispersion throughout the water. Output is steady, and it is not plagued by the risky highs and lows for which tablet and bottled chlorine are notorious. And while some forms of traditional chlorine increases the pool water’s calcium level, a salt-chlorine system won’t. Salt-chlorine systems make for a better choice over traditional chlorine disinfection because it produces a more comfortable swimming environment.

Ozone/UV systems: Slash chemical levels

If you prefer to use the smallest possible amount of chlorine of any kind, consider an advanced alternative to salt chlorine: Ozonation with ultraviolet light. This powerful technology duo provides a solution for maintaining pool water with dramatically less chlorine—and without subjecting family, friends, and pets to its assorted hazards. This state-of-the-art system achieves outstanding water quality without all of the usual chemically induced aggravation. Click here to learn more about the outstanding benefits of ozone/UV purification.