How much does an inground pool cost?

What a new inground pool costs is something everyone considering this major purchase wants to pin down.

Evaluating swimming pool prices is critical before signing a sales contract. After all, you need to know whether or not a pool will fit into your budget.

Pricing on a gunite pool design depends on a wide array of variables. That’s why it’s critical to have a personalized, in-home consultation to obtain an accurate price.

Blue Haven offices around the U.S. can inform you about costs with a free, no-obligation consultation at your home. This way, a local designer can provide you with an exact price quote for a pool customized for your backyard and lifestyle.

Cost of an average-size pool around the U.S.

In contrast with an above-ground swimming pool—for which prices on prefabricated units are set—the project construction costs on inground pools vary immensely. This lack of uniformity is even more pronounced when it comes to concrete (gunite/shotcrete) designs.

To understand how the average cost of an inground pool is determined, let’s be frank: Any online claims of a national average price are simply misleading.

The truth is that each pool contract amount is impacted by a myriad of factors such as dimensions, equipment and technology options, design features, material choices, the build site, and many other considerations.

The region of the U.S. matters a great deal as well. A significant influence on the average cost of custom pools comes down to where you live. The reality is that you could have a difference of thousands of dollars on the same swimming pool in different parts of the country.

For example, the identical, basic 15 x 30-foot pool and its features may have a starting base price of $45,000 in Phoenix or Tampa—and $75,000 in Raleigh or Boston.

Now, say this same 15 x 30-foot pool is being built in a backyard with challenging conditions, such as a major slope. The extra labor needed could drive up the Raleigh or Boston price tag by $4,500 to $12,000—or even more in certain cases.

Add a heated gunite spa, app-enabled remote-control automation, and that might be another $20,000 in Raleigh or Boston—but thousands less in other markets.

Elevate that same spa 18 inches above the pool and add decorative stacked-stone facing to it, and the tally could rise to more than $5,000 to $56000 in Raleigh or Boston. Upgrade the spa to a stunning rim flow design, and this sleek configuration requires another $2,500.

Again, prices will vary greatly by local market and an array of other variables. These example additions do not even take into consideration the spa’s size, lighting type, tile selection, or number of hydrotherapy jets. And these are options just for the spa!

From tanning ledges to natural rock waterfalls, a multitude of other features and material choices for the pool itself are available. That’s why it’s critical to obtain pricing and an in-home estimate where you live.

How to get an inground pool cost estimate

To learn more about how much an inground pool costs in your area, contact your local Blue Haven office.

The local team has current pool pricing information specific to your locale, and they will work to design a backyard retreat that aligns with your spending plans.

Since the cost of an inground pool varies based on many factors, you’ll need a personalized consultation to receive a solid bid.

To do so, Blue Haven designers strive to create a detailed plan that avoids the hidden fees that some pool builders unload on their customers. Your designer will customize the plan and give you a written inground pool cost.

Blue Haven offices also believe in providing you with real value for your money.

You will have the advantage of ongoing savings on pool ownership: Blue Haven SmartFeatures® last longer, automate care, reduce chemicals, and lower water and energy bills.

For years to come, these exclusive technology options will make operating your aquatic playground easier and more affordable.

Inground swimming pool estimates by or phone or email

Since Blue Haven offices build custom inground pools in dozens of markets across America, it is not possible to give pool quotes via phone or email.

Yes, this includes estimates for pools pictured on this website, for pools commonly referred to as “basic pools,” and even in cases where a homeowner provides their desired pool dimensions.

Here’s why: Unlike a factory-manufactured product—which makes for simpler comparison shopping of pool prices—a concrete pool (gunite or shotcrete) is a multiphase construction project with multiple variables ranging from a backyard’s elevation to equipment options.

As a result, professional, reliable pool pricing requires a thorough evaluation process.

Asking “how much does an inground pool cost?” is like asking “how much does it cost to build a new home?”

Before offering a genuine bid, it is critical for any pool builder to learn the features and elements you want for your pool and to account for the numerous local construction variables.

For this reason, giving out “guesstimates” would be a disservice; Blue Haven offices believe in providing reliable pricing information for your market. You should also be wary of choosing a pool builder merely for the sake of the lowest price.

So, stop wondering what a backyard pool will cost, and call your local office today!