Backyard style for all pool budgets

Beautiful swimming pools don’t have to come at designer prices. The seasoned creative team at your local Blue Haven office is schooled in the latest style trends and can develop affordable pools tailored to each client’s aesthetic—and spending—preferences.

Whatever suits your taste and budget, you can have the original pool & spa you’ve always wanted with an inspired Blue Haven design. Constructed with superb local craftsmanship and money-saving technology, you will have a liquid asset to enjoy for years to come.

Reasonably priced design choices

While Blue Haven professionals around the country build lavish, resort-worthy aquatic masterpieces, most offices emphasize affordable swimming pools for everyday folks.

Across the U.S., Blue Haven teams create backyard retreats for homeowners who want to capture a little luxury and leisure within their desired budget. Along with extravagant custom installations, Blue Haven offices have developed project portfolios with numerous standard pool designs.

Naturally, some design factors impact the price of a pool project. Beyond the obvious ones—like pool dimensions, material options, or inclusion of a gunite spa—Blue Haven consultants can explain design choices and strategies to make the most of your investment in a new pool.

By learning about your family’s needs and interests for a swimming pool, he or she can explain options that best address them. This way, you will better understand how to effectively allocate a pool budget for the features most important to you and your family.

Whether you want a simple Roman pool shape with a tanning ledge and brick perimeter coping, or an elaborate lagoon complete with a grotto, swim-up bar, and a beach entry, you can enjoy a new dream backyard—for a down-to-earth price.

Even on a simple project, you can personalize your outdoor addition with a choice of add-on features and with standard or upgraded materials.

For example, with a pool deck, you can opt for basic poured concrete, or you can go high-end with imported, premium-grade travertine—or choose other options that are priced in between. It’s all up to you!

Swimming pools that deliver ongoing value

Because there’s more to the cost of a pool than the initial investment, Blue Haven offices build designs that make pool ownership more affordable as well. Efficient, cost-cutting technology has long been the hallmark of a Blue Haven pool.

You may be surprised to learn about equipment and material innovations that save pool owners money on a number of fronts.

From extending the lifespan of your pump to slashing the need for chemical purchases, our exclusive SmartFeatures™ lower the fuss and money spent on pool operation.

Affordable pool designs—learning more and seeing options

Affordable liquid luxury is within reach. To begin learning about design options, you can view several hundred examples of pool artistry that span the style and budget spectrums on our Pool Photo Galleries. (You even have the ability to pin your favorites to your Pinterest boards for easy reference.)

You can also request a free 44-page color brochure that’s packed with a wide array of pool photos. To learn specific pool pricing information and obtain a written bid proposal, contact your local Blue Haven office for an in-home estimate & design presentation.