Swimming Pool Financing

Is swimming pool financing something you are considering to fund your backyard dreams?

If so, you want a pool builder with financing expertise that can help evaluate your credit and provide a network of loan sources for purchasing or remodeling a pool.

With Blue Haven, you can get started right away with a free credit pre-approval application.

Pool Loans: How Blue Haven can help

For some pool buyers, the initial outlay for this home improvement project depends on the availability of financing. For others, they simply prefer to pay in full or in part with a third-party loan.

Drawing on resources from around the U.S., the Blue Haven network is well-suited to evaluate your credit history and help you secure a pool loan (oac).

In-house finance specialists are dedicated to connecting applicants with the best available loan program that aligns with their credit profile and pool budget.

In some states, clients may qualify for pool loans with national Blue Haven-affiliated lenders that do not require home equity (oac) (“unsecured loans”).

The number of potential loan sources varies by state. In addition, each lender has its own underwriting criteria (such as minimum credit score and income-to-debt ratio), as well as its own terms (such as loan length and interest rates). 

Credit pre-approvals for pool financing (oac) with a Blue Haven lender

Blue Haven makes it free and easy to learn if your credit profile will likely qualify for a pool loan. Thousands of potential pool buyers from across the country have submitted this online form to inquire about their credit profile and if it aligns with financing opportunities for a pool purchase. Here’s how it works:

  • Submit your form online (or, print a hard copy and to fax to 619-233-3557).
  • After your form is received, a Blue Haven finance specialist reviews it and submits it to a credit bureau for a formal credit check.
  • Based on your credit report, a Blue Haven finance specialist will make a determination about potential financing options and which Blue Haven lenders could be a good match.
  • Typically, within three to four business days after you submit an online form, you will hear from your local Blue Haven team.
  • A representative will contact you to share what the finance specialist has determined. They will also discuss setting up an appointment for an in-home pool estimate and pool plan—which will help determine the likely loan amount.
  • If you ultimately choose Blue Haven as your builder and sign a contract, it will be subject to your approval of any loan that Blue Haven’s lender offers you; you are not obligated to accept the financing offered.
  • When you have a pending Blue Haven contract and know the appropriate loan amount, your Blue Haven office will ask the finance specialist to contact you.

The finance specialist will coordinate directly with you and help you formally apply for a pool loan with the suggested lender. (Again, you are not required to use this lender; you remain free to seek out other lenders.)

This pre-approval review is provided as a courtesy service to prospective Blue Haven clients interested in third-party funding; there is no charge or obligation on your part. Even if Blue Haven finance specialists cannot help arrange a loan with a lender, your credit pre-approval application and determination are still 100-percent free. 

Please note: If you know you would like a loan for a new pool, the best course of action is to first complete a credit pre-approval form, and wait to hear back about your credit evaluation.

Then you can schedule an in-home consultation with your local Blue Haven designer. After that, you will have an idea about your overall pool budget, and how much you can and want to borrow.

Credit Cards: Another finance option for a new inground pool

Toward the goal of making it easier for homeowners to cover upfront costs for a new pool, some Blue Haven offices accept credit cards toward a portion of the purchase of a new pool or renovation.

Accepted cards vary by each office. They may include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Options for credit card payments also vary, as do what they may cover. These may include a down payment, purchase of pool equipment, or a specific stage of construction, such as plastering. Inquire with your local Blue Haven team for details.