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What is the cost of an inground pool (gunite/shotcrete)?

We provide affordable pools with a free, no-obligation consultation, a designer from your local Blue Haven office can give you an exact cost for a pool customized for your backyard.

Since Blue Haven offices build custom in-ground swimming pools in dozens of markets across America, it is not possible to give quotes via e-mail. This includes estimates for pools pictured on this website, for pools commonly referred to as “just a basic pool,” and even for pools when dimensions are provided.

Unlike a factory-manufactured product, a concrete pool is a multiphase construction project with many variables—ranging from a backyard’s shape and elevation to equipment options. As a result, swimming pool prices are a very detailed process. Giving “guesstimates” to our customers is unfair; we believe in providing precise pricing information that leaves no room for surprises!

We also believe in giving customers real value for their money. You will have the advantage of ongoing value when it comes to the cost of pool ownership: Blue Haven’s exclusive, state-of-the-art SmartFeatures™ and equipment save time, last longer, reduce chemical needs, and lower water and power costs.

To learn more about pricing in your area—as well as any specials that may be offered—please contact your local Blue Haven office. Local staff will be able to respond with pricing and design information that is appropriate for your area, and can work with you to design a pool that gives you the style and features you want while staying within your budget