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Automation and remote controls to command your pool & spa

Put swimming pool & spa operation on autopilot. Our pool technology options make it easier than ever to maximize your backyard pleasure and relaxation.

With a range of automation systems, handheld devices, and remote-management platforms, Blue Haven has a SmartControls option that’s right for your pool, spa, backyard, lifestyle, and budget.

Enjoy greater flexibility, energy savings, and ease of operation with your pick of system. Each one offers various levels of functionality and numbers of features it manages. Some operate via desktop, mobile device, or vice command.

All will perform most of the following:

  •  Automate your choice of multiple functions—such as lights, cleaning, heating, filtration, spa jets, fire and water features, and solar systems;
  • Operate dynamic, multicolor LED pool & spa light shows;
  • Ensure simplicity of use with clear, intuitive easy-to-read display menus;
  • Prove a SmartSaver microprocessor that helps prevent freeze protection and costly damage to pool equipment in cold-weather climates;
  • Pair with optional handheld remote; and
  • Integrate with major home automation systems

Omni Automation

Paired with your chosen SmartControls automation system, this remote internet platform gives you total command from anywhere at any time.

Cleaning, lighting, spa temperature, filtration cycles, and more, you can monitor and adjust an array of pool, spa, and backyard features, equipment, and settings—all from a PC or Mac, or via apps for iPhone, iPad, or Android.

It also integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Home so you can speak your commands.

Omni Remote—100% Waterproof

Take your SmartControls automation to the next level of convenience. Add a floating hand-held remote.

Its large, backlit touchscreen display and simple menu navigation makes it simple to program and use.

Anything you can do from your automation base unit, you can do with this remote—while inside your pool & spa, around your backyard, and from inside your home.