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Color-changing LED Pool Lights

Save energy, add stunning outdoor illumination, and extend your hours of fun by turning your backyard resort into an after-dark entertainment showplace.

Ideal for full pool and spa lighting, energy-efficient SmartLight systems will dress up your pool & spa in a full spectrum of vibrant, jewel-tone colors.

With patented Chromacore® technology, SmartLight LED combines a microprocessor with industry-leading LEDs that deliver superb operational performance with:

  • Ultra-low operating costs—save up to 86 percent on electricity use over incandescent bulbs;
  • 5 to 10* fixed colors and seven dynamic, color-changing light shows;
  • The industry’s brightest, longest-performing LEDs;
  • High-intensity illumination—100% brighter than any other 12-volt LED light;
  • A lifespan up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs; and
  • Integration with SmartControls remotes and online/mobile platform.

Click to view our pool photo gallery with images of LED lighting.

LED Light Shows

What makes LED technology truly special is its set of light shows. Take visual performance to a whole new level with a range of colors and styles. Exciting, theme-based routines set the mood as they cycle through a kaleidoscope of color at varying speeds.

Pick a show to create for your evening activities to usher in the ideal ambiance for your occasion. Dazzle your guests with festive hues in the Mardi Gras show, or relax with the serene color fades found in Twilight. With its star-spangled display of red, white and blue, USA is perfect for your Memorial Day or July Fourth pool BBQ.

Four additional shows are available to produce brilliant images: Gemstone, Voodoo Lounge, Cool Cabaret, and Tranquility. Each comes with a set of unique speeds and colors—up to 1,500 changing ones—to paint your backyard oasis into a vivid backdrop.

Spot lighting

You can also add additional LED units to light up the body of rock waterfalls, fountains, spray heads, and other water features.

Illuminating individual features brings an added dimension to your poolscape and outside setting. Best of all, it enables you to enjoy the beautiful scenery even after the sun goes down.

Automated visual drama

Are you including SmartControls automation to help manage your pool? If so, you will enjoy added ease and value with LED technology.

SmartControls allow you to program the LED’s daily on and off times. You can also easily synchronize your pool light colors with those in your spa, waterfall, or other features.

*Depending on model voltage