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A Revolution in Pool Efficiency & Savings

Take cleaning & circulation to unsurpassed levels! Blue Haven’s breakthrough SmartFlow technology helps any automatic pool cleaner achieve excellent results in less time. The key lies in its ability to create targeted, powerful water flow in all the right places. Our exclusive system creates a series of multi-directional jet arrays. Each one sends targeted water flow through patented nozzle heads that will: • Target a specific surface area to dislodge dirt, sand, leaves, and debris; • Improve distribution of heat, chemicals, and freshly filtered, purified water; • Attack dirt and debris in hard-to-reach areas, including steps, floors, corners, benches, and tanning ledges;* • Help prevent cold layers and stagnant “dead zones;” • Provide circulation action comparable to three dozen return lines*—vs. the typical three or four; • Deliver warmer, cleaner water with less expense, less chlorine, and less energy use;** • Help prevent algae growth from taking hold on pool and spa surfaces; and • Work even in hard-to-reach areas in both your pool and spa.* With this supplemental cleaning & circulation system on your pool, it’s like having three dozen return lines at work vs. the typical three to four. Blue Haven’s nationally exclusive SmartFlow™ has carved out an entirely distinct product category in the pool industry—delivering benefits that can save you money.

Typical pool circulation and dead zone consequences

Have you ever swam in a pool and suddenly hit a stretch of cold, dense, seemingly “heavy” water? If so, then you have experienced a dead zone. Even a pool with the best pump is vulnerable to a dead zone, a mass of slow-moving “sluggish” water that inhibits optimal heating, filtration, and purification. Because a pump can circulate “return” water through only three to four return lines in a typical pool, these patches of “zombie water” form. And when they do, it means bad news for your pool.   *Based on pool size, shape, depth, design, and other factors, the number of jet arrays and their configuration may vary. In some regions or on some pools, the jet installation may not include the spa. **For particularly hot, humid climates where pool-water temperatures rise from intense outdoor heat: SmartFlow helps create a more comfortable swimming environment by circulating water that’s been cooled by a chiller system or by water features specifically designed to dissipate heat.

Pool Return LinesIn the illustration below, you can see how typical pool return lines deposit heated, filtered, purified water near the top of the waterline—and typically only at three to four locations.

Rapid Water DispersionAs a result, the odds for rapid, thorough dispersion are severely limited: The freshly treated water tends to remain near the surface, from where it slowly and incompletely disperses into other areas. By the time it does, the water is no longer as clean, warm, or pure!