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Conserve time & energy

SmartSaver™ is a feature that is integrated into your SmartControls automation system which can play a role in saving you time while lowering pool-utility bills.

This microprocessor-controlled unit helps manage operation of cleaning and filtration systems. When it’s paired with a two- or variable-speed pool pump, it improves operating efficiencies, as it:

• Lowers energy costs up to 70% when used in conjunction with a two-speed pump—or up to 90% when used with a variable-speed pump—by managing cleaning and filtration;

• Boosts the lifespan of your two- or variable-speed pump with run schedules allowing its motor to run cooler—preventing overheating and helping the motor, seals, and bearings last longer;

• Reduces pressure in the filter during filtration cycle—cutting wear on the cartridge so the material performs for extended periods; and

• Offers freeze protection to prevent costly damage to pool equipment in cold-weather climates.