With normal backyard conditions and weather that allows for the construction to proceed, builders in many areas of the country usually need eight to 10 weeks from excavation to complete a typical residential gunite pool.

In some geographic markets, build times average a few weeks longer. In general, the more complex the design and the more special features it has, the more time your project will take.

Other variables often extend build times. Among them: time of year, permits/variances, difficult building conditions (e.g., property access, hitting groundwater, subterranean rock, or unmarked utility lines), addendums to change the design or features customer payment progress adjacent outdoor features under construction, and custom material choices requiring a special order.

Above all, weather conditions, such as rain or extreme heat and humidity, can cause delays.

Gunite construction is multiphase—requiring a series of steps using various tradesmen for each. Reputable pool builders adhere to the timelines and terms outlined in the sales contract.