What happens during an in-home in-ground pool estimate?

When you invite a designer to your home for a gunite pool estimate, he or she will begin by measuring your backyard and conducting a general survey of your overall property.

The designer will ask about your vision for your new backyard. He or she will discuss available options such as pool shape, dimensions, design features, the inclusion of a spa, finish materials, and various high-tech equipment options that help automate care and save water and energy.

After learning how your family plans to use the pool, your lifestyle preferences, any special requests you may have, backyard conditions, local building regulations, and your overall target budget, he or she will create a custom pool plan for this array of criteria.

In some cases—particularly for basic pools and popular shapes—your designer may create the general plan during this initial meeting. If your project is more complex—or when 2-D or 3-D pool renderings are used—he or she may advise that additional time is needed to prepare a plan for your review at a later date.

If you would like to consider a pool loan, your designer can also share information about financing programs (oac.).

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What are the benefits of a gunite swimming pool?

Gunite pools offer many advantages. Unlike their fabricated fiberglass or vinyl liner counterparts, they are custom designed to your specifications and built to capitalize on unique variables in your backyard.

Gunite pools offer maximum creative freedom and visual appeal. Builders can form virtually any size, shape, depth, and multilevel configuration. A gunite design can seamlessly and more easily include a wider array of decorative and functional features than you can have in a vinyl or fiberglass pool.

Engineered to last for decades, gunite pool shells boast an engineered network of steel reinforcement that makes them the industry standard for strength and longevity.

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What is a gunite swimming pool? (concrete / shotcrete)

A gunite pool is built with a concrete blend that consists of sand, cement, and water. (Shotcrete is a similar blend, but also contains pea gravel.)

Construction crews spray the material through a high-pressure air hose onto a reinforcing network of steel bars to form a thick, rock-hard pool shell. Both gunite and shotcrete pools are engineered concrete creations that provides superb design flexibility and lasting durability.

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