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Pool interior finish: Get beauty, endurance, and better value

Forget old-school pool plaster. Instead, give your pool a distinctive interior finish that’s unmatched in looks, durability, and ease of ownership.

Blue Haven’s SmartBrite® ColorQuartz™—made with a select blend of ceramic quartz aggregate—will accentuate your pool’s interior with a gleaming, slip-resistant, long-lasting surface that’s easier to maintain than traditional marcite plaster.

SmartBrite’s distinctive appearance and incomparable performance come from the marriage of two key elements:

  • Quartz—Natural, translucent, and one of the worlds hardest minerals, and
  • Ceramics—For centuries, a proven method of coating and preserving colored surfaces.

This innovative pairing of quartz aggregate and ceramics creates a superb pool surface that delivers style with staying power.
The pigmented ceramic coating on each quartz crystal is similar to glazed ceramic tile; it will never bleed or leach harmful chemicals into your pool water.

ColorQuartz™: Standing the test of time

Beyond a handsome interior, SmartBrite ColorQuartz™ finish puts traditional marcite plaster finishes to shame with its impressive longevity. With a quartz finish, you can expect a number of advantages:

  • Remains truer to its original color;
  • Resists chips, stains, etching, fading, and erosion from chemicals and ultraviolet light;
  • Typically lasts twice as long;
  • Withstands deterioration from harsh water and acid washing far better;
    Maintains better—easy to clean, more difficult to stain, and harder to see any stains that do occur.

Your Blue Haven designer will explain the SmartBrite ColorQuartz™ material warranty and provide actual samples so that you can see—and feel—your color options.

*Available in some U.S. markets in premium pebble upgrade; inquire with your local Blue Haven office. Learn more in this article about various kinds of pool finishes—marcite, quartz, and pebble.

Blue Haven helps pioneer ColorQuartz™ pool finishes

For decades, traditional marcite plaster presented many shortcomings to pool owners everywhere. Back in the Nineties, a solution came from one unexpected source: materials innovation giant, 3M.

The company had developed ColorQuartz™ aggregate to use in roofing materials. Later, it was discovered that the material also worked in pool finishes to combat the pitfalls that came with plain marcite.

Blue Haven played a major role in helping usher in wider use of this new material finish in pools. Teaming up with 3M, Blue Haven offices across the country were among the first pool builders that launched 3M’s ColorQuartz™ product into the pool-construction marketplace.

With multiple Blue Haven offices around the country promoting the new product to its thousands of customers, the popularity of ColorQuartz™ pool finish increased across the country.

Ever since these early efforts to popularize quartz finish among American pool buyers, Blue Haven offices have remained on the forefront of using this high-performance material in both new pools and renovations. With all of its attributes, this finish provides greater overall value for each Blue Haven customer.