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Quiet, powerful, energy-efficient

Designed for today’s most demanding pool installations, SmartStar Pumps offer outstanding results. Quieter and more powerful than any other pool pump of their size, they turn over more water with less electricity! They are suited for residential pools of all sizes and shapes, as well as pool-spa combinations. A SmartStar pump will deliver the water volume needed to power your pool & spa—whether for cleaning, filtration, spa jets, water features, gas and solar heating, in-floor cleaning, or supplemental circulation systems.

Pump features and benefits

With their innovative fluid dynamic design that optimizes water flow, you can expect superior performance. This pump series is available in ¾- to 3-horsepower (hp) models, and the line offers: • The industry’s quietest and most hydraulically efficient pump line—providing superior flow and energy efficiency; • Single-speed models that save up to 10 percent on energy versus competitors; • Two-speed models that cut monthly energy costs up to 70 percent; • Variable-speed models that cut monthly energy costs up to 90 percent; • Revolutionary technical advancements that allow the pump motor to run cooler and provide years of extended use; • Durable, non-corrosive construction built to withstand winter freezes and harsh desert heat; • Enormous-capacity leaf & debris strainer basket for dramatically longer periods between cleanings; • No-rib pump basket with a smooth interior surface insures easy leaf and debris removal; • Rigid construction assures free-flowing operation for heavy debris loads; • Product design that makes servicing fast and easy without disturbing plumbing or mounting connections; and • Compliance by two-speed and variable-speed models for Florida’s pool pump-energy law and California’s Title 20 energy code.

Higher flow, higher savings

Superior, energy-efficient hydraulics create higher flow rate than competitor pool pumps, thereby saving energy by using less hp. This efficiency can allow for stepping down in power. Say the features and equipment on your pool call for a typical 2-hp pump. With a SmartStar, a 1-1/2 hp unit may achieve the same results with less electricity and lower utility bills.

Minimizing power consumption and costs

To optimize pool operation, the single-most critical equipment-buying decision is the pump. The reason: Every minute your pools pump runs, its motor consumes electricity. Having the right pump will minimize power costs, saving you up to hundreds of dollars annually on pool operation. That’s why Blue Haven offices uses only those pump models with the highest hydraulic efficiency available.

Greater Convenience:Clear strainer cover lets you see when the extra-large strainer basket needs emptying.

Easy Access:Tri-lock design allows for removal of cover with only one-quarter turn—no tools, no clamps, and no loose parts.

Fewer Cleanings:Basket with extra leaf- and debris-holding capacity extends the time between cleanings.