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Extend your swim season

For a pleasantly heated pool—without an overheated utility bill—Blue Haven offers a complete array of energy-wise equipment to keep your water at just the right temperature.

An efficient pool heating system will extend your swimming season so you maximize the amount of time you can enjoy your pool. If you plan on including a custom spa with your new pool, your choice of heating system will be even more critical.

Based on how you plan to use your pool and/or spa, the region of the country, local climate, construction conditions, and other local factors, your Blue Haven designer will guide you in selecting the kind of heater that offers you the best overall value. Options include one or a combination of the following:

• High-efficiency gas heaters with ultra-low NOx emissions to comply with the nation’s most rigorous air-quality rules;

• Latest-generation electric heat pumps with outstanding, third-party-certified energy ratings; and

• Clean-energy solar heating systems.

An efficient heating system will provide you with more opportunities to use your pool & spa throughout the year, including in cool weather.

Today’s top heating systems are more powerful, efficient, and economical than ever. In fact, when coupled with a pool cover or highly affordable solar cover, in some regions of the U.S. a good unit can make it economically viable to swim virtually year-round.