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Saltwater Swimming Pools – Kinder, Gentler, Chlorination

Saltwater pools can help you avoid the costs, hassles, and harsh effects caused by traditional store-bought tablet and bottled chlorine. The SmartPure® Sanitizer uses a special approach to chlorination that’s better than anything you can buy at the pool store and without all the nasty results!

Through electrolytic conversion of natural salt, the Sanitizer produces a stable, absolutely pure, incredibly efficient form of non-liquid chlorine. Since it’s delivered through your salt water pool’s plumbing system, you always have consistent, uniform dispersion throughout the water.

Output is steady, and it is not plagued by the risky highs and lows for which tablet and bottled chlorine are notorious. And while common chlorine increases the calcium level, the Sanitizer actually helps neutralize giving you a swimming pool with ultra-soft, swimmer-friendly water.

Salt chlorination or saltwater pools are increasingly more popular because they offer a more comfortable swimming environment and eliminate the need to add liquid or tablet chlorine to the water.