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Virtually chlorine-free purification

Avoid typical pool-chemical costs, hassles, and hazards while enjoying the freshest, cleanest water possible with the industry’s most advanced purification technology. Safe, effective, and economical, Blue Haven’s SmartPure systems ensure a swim-ready pool without the usual chlorine fuss or aggravating side effects. Your family will enjoy pool water that’s softer, cleaner, and healthier. This dynamic duo delivers reliable, continuous water disinfection using ozone and ultraviolet (UV) light —safe, powerful sanitizers that destroy contaminants and drastically cut chlorine needs.

Ozone (also known as tri-atomic oxygen)

A form of triple-powered oxygen, ozone is an element found in nature. Ozone produces the fresh sweet scent you smell after a rainstorm. Ozone is what makes the water in a stream up in the mountains sparkling clear. When it comes to helping sanitize water, ozone: • Works 3,000 times faster than chlorine does—and more safely for swimmers; • Neutralizes contaminants like algae, viruses, bacteria, and bather waste such as sweat, urine, sunscreen, cosmetics, and body oils; • Maintains pools at luxury hotels and health spas, as well as competition pools at the Olympics since 1984; and • Helps purify major brands of bottled water, as well as tap water in major European cities and U.S. cities such as Dallas, Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Raleigh, San Diego, Seattle, and Tucson.

Ultraviolet (UV) germicidal light

UV light is a safe, powerful disinfectant. In a swimming pool, its sanitizing rays zap water as it passes through an enclosed chamber in the pool equipment. UV light is a proven technology that: • Kills cysts, algae, viruses, and bacteria; • Attacks chlorine-resistant pathogens like the dangerous parasite Cryptosporidium—better known as “Crypto”; and • Performs in an exceedingly safe manner—it’s even used for pasteurizing food and sterilizing medical equipment.

Synergistic results

Without the usual chemical loads, water quality is superb, as well as remarkably soft on your skin, gentle on hair and eyes, and incredibly clear. The SmartPure Ozone/UV system: • Achieves unmatched levels of water purity and clarity—eliminates up to 99.9 percent of harmful microbes; • Produces silky soft, polished water that glistens like water in a mountain stream; • Prevents red eyes, dry itchy skin, bleached-out hair, and breathing harsh fumes; • Disinfects with environmentally friendly methods—versus harsh chemical ones; • Leaves no toxic byproducts in the pool to harm swimmers, pets, or nature; and • Keeps water chemistry more stable, requiring less pH adjustment. Note: Upon your request, some Blue Haven offices offer salt-chlorine systems (aka “saltwater pools”) that disinfect pool water using chlorine gas. Click here to learn more about pool-salt generators.   To ensure water quality, be sure to conduct regular basic water testing and follow manufacturer’s instructions on correct use and maintenance of all SmartPure® systems.