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Natural disinfection

Get the mineral advantage. For cleaner, easier-to-maintain pool water, pair an affordable SmartPure MineralFlow with another SmartPure® system to achieve a fresher, more comfortable swimming environment. Time-released levels of silver molecules condition pool water, and they help keep the growth of black algae and bacteria in check. Better yet, they do so without regular trips to the pool-supply store for algaecides and other specialty chemical treatments. By automatically releasing controlled amounts of silver molecules, the MineralFlow achieves an additional level of water quality as it:

  • Disinfects water by killing unwanted microorganisms—even when the pool equipment is turned off;
  • Inhibits black algae growth with less algaecide;
  • Creates an environment where maintaining pH levels is easier; and
  • Lowers the needed amount of chlorine—particularly in sunny weather.