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Beat swimming pool scale, biofilm, hard water, and haziness, and scale 

With a one-of-a kind SmartGuard® Soft & Clear system, your pool will look and feel better than ever. Whether it’s cutting down on pool-brushing needs, producing soft, ultra-clear water, preventing slimy biofilm, or reducing mineral scale, this game-changing technology delivers on multiple fronts. The device uses hydraulic harmonics to super energize pool water. The result is a slew of improvements for water quality, pool maintenance and appearance, and your overall swimming experience.

Enjoy a softer, clearer, more comfortable pool—with less effort

Pool owners appreciate how SmartGuard safely and effectively helps maintain their swimming environment and pool’s appearance. Even better: Operating this eco-friendly technology requires zero fuss, zero electricity, and zero chemicals. Among its benefits, the system:

  • Slashes typical brushing along tile lines, spa spillways, rock water features, and stone veneer walls;
  • Thwarts persistent growth of algae blooms around the pool;
  • Prevents the unsightly accumulation of scale along waterline surfaces;
  • Inhibits formation of sticky, bacteria-laden biofilm along pool surfaces;
  • Enhances filter performance to remove even smaller particles of unwanted substances ranging from metals to organic debris;
  • Maximizes water clarity so pool water glistens brightly in the sunlight;
  • Softens water for a gentler, silky-feeling swimming environment;
  • Breaks down cyanuric acid so that levels are easier to balance;
  • Increases the effectiveness of sanitizing chemicals so much fewer are needed; and
  • Reduces swimmers’ exposure to harsh, unhealthy compounds such as cyanogen chloride and trichloramine.



Cleaner, clearer pool surfaces: SmartGuard® provides a virtual army of microscopic scrubbing brushes that help prevent the scourge of tough scale and icky biofilm along pool walls, tile lines, and stone surfaces.